10 really helpful apps while travelling

1. WikiCamps I used WikiCamps for finding free and cheap accommodation in Australia and New Zealand. You can choose between campsites, motor camps and hostels/hotels. It’s not free, but it’s definitely worth it, it was about 8$ for the Australian version and 3$ for the New Zealand one. I found out as well that it displays more campsites than CamperMate.

2. CamperMate CamperMate is similar to WikiCamps, but I mainly used it to find free wifi, showers, fuel station etc. It has heaps of options to choose from.

3. Skyscanner Every time I booked a flight, I checked skyscanner before. It compares all the different airlines and shows you the best price you can get for your flight. Sometimes I booked over skyscanner, sometimes I did it over the airline itself, because it was the same price there or sometimes even cheaper. You can put down flight alerts for flights you’re interested in and it sends you an email as soon as the price changes.

4. Couchsurfing I heard so many good stories about couchsurfing, though I was never able to try it out. It seems such a nice way to meet people and staying at their places for free in exchange of some little things. I definitely want to try that in the future.

5. TripAdvisor If you want to go out for dinner or simply just want to book an activity, TripAdvisor is a big help. It reviews millions of cafes, restaurants, activities and everything you can think of. Everyone can submit a review after they’ve been to the place.

6. MoneyControl I just found out about MoneyControl recently, but I wish I would have earlier. It controls your incomes and expenses, so every time you spend money on something, you write it down there and you have a much better insight in what you’re spending you’re money in. 

7. TripIt TripIt is such a lifesaver. You put down your booked flights and TripIt finds all the flight information on the internet. So you have everything displayed in one place. You can also add reservations of your hotel/hostel, parking and much more to it. It keeps you perfectly organised and even sends you an email when a trip is coming up. 

8. MAPS.ME This app allows you to download offline maps and you can get navigated even if you’re not connected to the internet. 

9. HostelWorld I usually just use HostelWorld to see which hostels are available on certain dates. It displays pictures and the facilities of the hostels. Once I’ve found a hostel that’s available on my date I usually book it straight over the hostels website, as bookme has a different and difficult cancellation/change policy.

10. Currency Change Currency Change is so easy. It displays you all the different currencies in minutes. Definitely good to have if you are in another country with foreign currency. 

South Island in 3 weeks

Currently, I’m traveling the South Island of New Zealand and I wanted to shortly share my itinerary with you. The plan was to do it in about 3 weeks and it worked out pretty well.
My boyfriend and I came with the ferry from Wellington to Picton and decided to travel towards the clock around the island.
We started off in the Abel Tasman National Park, where we spent about 4 days hiking and kayaking. If you would like to know more about my Abel Tasman adventure my article got published on Travelicious.com and you can read it here.

Our next destinations were Westport and Greymouth. A favorite here were the Pancake Rocks and Cape Foulwind, which was home to a big seal colony.
Followed by the beautiful little hippie town Hokitika we visited the Hokitika Gorge, a beautiful bright turquoise river/lake with a huge swing bridge and rocks located in the water.

With quite a long drive after, we ended up in the famous Franz Josef Glacier. Unfortunately, we had rain that day and found out for budget travelers like us, there isn’t much to do on a rainy day. Luckily the next day was better and we could do the Franz Josef Glacier Valley walk. About an hour walk led us to the fascinating glacier, unfortunately, it will be melted in a couple of years.

Our next stop was the Wanaka and Queenstown region, the places I was most excited of. My favorite place in Wanaka was Lake Hawea, it’s the sister lake to Lake Wanaka and just stunning. The whole scenery is just breathtaking and definitely worth a couple of days stay. As well we climbed up the Roys Peak, 1700 meters high, by far the hardest hike I’ve ever done. Though it’s so worth it! To be honest, I was a little bit disappointed with Queenstown – everyone is just loving it here, but if you don’t plan on spending heaps of money, there isn’t that much to do. We tried the famous Fergburger, at 9 in the morning, just to not have to wait for hours in the queue, like it’s supposed to be at lunch and dinner time. It was nice, but not that nice, that it’s worth all the hype.

We drove towards Invercargill after, where we started the Catlins, a nice coastal track, with the opportunity to see fur seals, sea lions and blue penguins, the world rarest penguins in the world (unfortunately, we didn’t see any). Heaps of nice rainforest and waterfall tracks, as well as beautiful beach landscape. We did the Catlins in 3 days, but you probably could do it faster as well.

The town we are in right now is Dunedin. I was positively surprised of this city, heaps of free stuff to do, like museums, gardens, art galleries, markets and it’s home to the world’s steepest street, the Baldwin Street. It’s quite big, but not too busy and has all the shops you find in a big city.

The end of our journey will be Christchurch, where we going to apply for jobs and planning on staying for the next 5 months, to save up for our southeast Asia adventure.
Most of the time we stayed in DOC Campsites (Department of conservation) which were about $8-$13 a night, but we also found some free ones. Here and there we booked ourselves in Holiday Parks to have a nice hot shower and charge our phones, laptops, etc. up. I will write more posts about the particular places in the future.

Hello, it’s me.

WELCOME to my blog, I would like to introduce myself. I’m Carolin, I’m 22 years old and born in Germany.

Since 2014 I’m travelling around now, 2 years I’ve spent in Australia, 1 month in Bali and since 7 months I’m travelling and working in New Zealand. At the end of the year Philippines, Thailand and Myanmar is planned, so I’m very excited for the future. In my backpacking years abroad I learnt a lot of helpful stuff and been to a lot of places and I would like to share that with you.

I’m trying to post as regularly as possible and hope you’ll enjoy my posts.

If you’d like to give me feedback about my website etc. please contact me on either my email address contact@farfarawayy.com or over the contact form.

Thank you for reading and a beautiful day. Carolin