10 really helpful apps while travelling

1. WikiCamps I used WikiCamps for finding free and cheap accommodation in Australia and New Zealand. You can choose between campsites, motor camps and hostels/hotels. It’s not free, but it’s definitely worth it, it was about 8$ for the Australian version and 3$ for the New Zealand one. I found out as well that it displays more campsites than CamperMate.

2. CamperMate CamperMate is similar to WikiCamps, but I mainly used it to find free wifi, showers, fuel station etc. It has heaps of options to choose from.

3. Skyscanner Every time I booked a flight, I checked skyscanner before. It compares all the different airlines and shows you the best price you can get for your flight. Sometimes I booked over skyscanner, sometimes I did it over the airline itself, because it was the same price there or sometimes even cheaper. You can put down flight alerts for flights you’re interested in and it sends you an email as soon as the price changes.

4. Couchsurfing I heard so many good stories about couchsurfing, though I was never able to try it out. It seems such a nice way to meet people and staying at their places for free in exchange of some little things. I definitely want to try that in the future.

5. TripAdvisor If you want to go out for dinner or simply just want to book an activity, TripAdvisor is a big help. It reviews millions of cafes, restaurants, activities and everything you can think of. Everyone can submit a review after they’ve been to the place.

6. MoneyControl I just found out about MoneyControl recently, but I wish I would have earlier. It controls your incomes and expenses, so every time you spend money on something, you write it down there and you have a much better insight in what you’re spending you’re money in. 

7. TripIt TripIt is such a lifesaver. You put down your booked flights and TripIt finds all the flight information on the internet. So you have everything displayed in one place. You can also add reservations of your hotel/hostel, parking and much more to it. It keeps you perfectly organised and even sends you an email when a trip is coming up. 

8. MAPS.ME This app allows you to download offline maps and you can get navigated even if you’re not connected to the internet. 

9. HostelWorld I usually just use HostelWorld to see which hostels are available on certain dates. It displays pictures and the facilities of the hostels. Once I’ve found a hostel that’s available on my date I usually book it straight over the hostels website, as bookme has a different and difficult cancellation/change policy.

10. Currency Change Currency Change is so easy. It displays you all the different currencies in minutes. Definitely good to have if you are in another country with foreign currency. 

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